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Information on one representative experimental series for each unique gene studied. For information on all experimental series with a gene, click on gene name or number. Other links provide details on the specific series shown.

C. elegans are shown with a grey background | C briggsae are shown with a blue background
expression tree gene total series series shown movie
tree thumb ceh-27 F46F3.1 1 20090408_ceh-27_RW10863_pop1i_L1 gif
tree thumb ceh-36 C37E2.4 1 20090410_ceh-36_RW10598_pop1i_L2 gif
tree thumb ceh-43 C28A5.4 2 20090408_ceh-43_RW10345_pop1i_L1 gif
tree thumb cnd-1 C34E10.7 1 20060726_cnd1_3_pop1i gif
tree thumb elt-6 F52C12.5 2 20090702_elt-6_RW10178_pop-1i_L1 gif
tree thumb hlh-1 B0304.1 1 20080530_hlh-1_8_pop1i_L2 gif
tree thumb hnd-1 C44C10.8 1 20080602_hnd-1_6_pop1i_L1 gif
tree thumb nhr-25 F11C1.6 2 20090830-nhr25pop1i_L1 gif
tree thumb nhr-67 C08F8.8 1 20090410_nhr-67_RW10740_pop1i_L2 gif
tree thumb pha-4 F38A6.1 2 20060721_pha4_b2_pop1i gif
tree thumb tbx-11 F40H6.4 2 20090702_tbx-11_RW10249_pop-1i_L1 gif
tree thumb tlp-1 T23G4.1 2 20090408_tlp-1_RW10609_pop1i_L1 gif
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