Fly Reference Genome
Worm Reference Genome

modERN (model organism Encyclopedia of Regulatory Networks) is an offshoot of the former modENCODE project. The goal of this new consortium is to streamline our efforts to perform ChIP-seq for transcription factors (TFs) in both worm and fly, and to begin to determine the functionality of the identified binding sites in gene regulation. This site organizes and provides all the ChIP-seq data files generated for transcription factors in worm and fly for both modENCODE and modERN projects.

Users can search for datasets in worm and fly by TF or by life-stage in their chosen reference genome. A tab containing information on the file descriptions is also provided. Users can access the data files using the drop down arrow from their chosen transcription factor. A brief description of the file appears as you scroll over each file type. Multiple files can be downloaded at one time using the “Download Selected Files” button at the upper left of the screen and all peak files from each organism can be downloaded using the button “Download All Peak Files.” Datasets for orthologous TFs have been linked. Links to Wormbase/Flybase, the BDGP insitu homepage, the UCSC Genome Browser, Caenorhabditis Genetics Center (CGC), Bloomington Stock Center, and the DCC ENCODE site for each TF/dataset are also provided.